My Misophonia Noise Trigger – Teeth Brushing

     I hate it. The sound of teeth being brushed. It makes me want to throw up. It’s like fingernails being scraped against a chalkboard. There has to be noise like a fan blowing or water running to drown out that horrid sound. Who cares about water conservation. I will barf on you if I have to listen to that sound.

Listening to it invokes anger in me, uncontrollable. I only hope my offspring aren’t cursed with this wretched disorder.

Brushing Teeth

With that being said, standing outside of my own existence, looking through the eyes of another person, the person who doesn’t suffer from misophonia, I am able to control my urges to scream at the person making such grotesque noises. They do not know the pain it causes me. They don’t understand how it hurts my ears, my brain, my teeth. The feeling I get when the frequency hits my ears, how can you explain that to someone who cannot comprehend the pain. A pinch on the arm is insufficient, a hunger pang just doesn’t describe. The sound resonates through my head like a beautiful song, only the song is torturing my physical body. Stressing every lobe in my brain.

The next time a Misophoniac screams at you, please be understanding. They just yet don’t know how to explain their plight.


Living With Misophonia

Sometimes people think I’m just playing around when I tell them that a certain sound is bothersome or hurts my ears. It’s sometimes unexplainable. It’s true, though, that the mere sound of a chair moving across the floor can send me up the wall or hearing someone else grind their teeth together… I have to close my ears. This condition runs in my family. My father has it, my brothers have it, and I have it.20130316_184652

Living with Misophonia can sometimes be a struggle. Some sounds hurt and are even unbearably annoying. I find myself yelling at people to stop or trying to make a noise myself to drown out that ghastly sound.


Miso is translated in Greek to the word “Hatred”.
Phonia is translated as “sound” in Greek.

Essentially, it’s the “hatred of sound”.
Other sounds like someone brushing their teeth, chewing with their mouth open and smacking, certain pitches that include a person voice, certain music, tones… can hurt my ear drums. I’ve dealt with this condition my whole life.

In addition to this, I absorb all sounds. When I need to concentrate on one thing, it has to be quiet or I cannot focus on the task at hand.

There are benefits to having this condition. Because I can hear everything around me, I can catch things that other people might miss, like the sound of a baby’s cry in another room or the instrument in the background of a song that someone else might not have the pleasure of hearing.

I enjoy listening to sounds, picking out noises that others might pass by. I thoroughly enjoy music and rhythm and the process it takes to get that certain sound.

I look forward to growing this blog and presenting you with sounds I encounter every day