My Misophonia Noise Trigger – Teeth Brushing

     I hate it. The sound of teeth being brushed. It makes me want to throw up. It’s like fingernails being scraped against a chalkboard. There has to be noise like a fan blowing or water running to drown out that horrid sound. Who cares about water conservation. I will barf on you if I have to listen to that sound.

Listening to it invokes anger in me, uncontrollable. I only hope my offspring aren’t cursed with this wretched disorder.

Brushing Teeth

With that being said, standing outside of my own existence, looking through the eyes of another person, the person who doesn’t suffer from misophonia, I am able to control my urges to scream at the person making such grotesque noises. They do not know the pain it causes me. They don’t understand how it hurts my ears, my brain, my teeth. The feeling I get when the frequency hits my ears, how can you explain that to someone who cannot comprehend the pain. A pinch on the arm is insufficient, a hunger pang just doesn’t describe. The sound resonates through my head like a beautiful song, only the song is torturing my physical body. Stressing every lobe in my brain.

The next time a Misophoniac screams at you, please be understanding. They just yet don’t know how to explain their plight.