Hallow’s Eve Growls in the Night

I was walking home from a friend’s house one night. It’s just a short walk through a field, some wooded area, and down a sidewalk a few meters from my parent’s house. Feeling pretty confident, I start to whistle and ponder on the events of the day. As I approach the field, I see a dark figure standing by the tree line just inside the wooded area. Thinking nothing of it, I make my way through the field. Carefully plotting my steps as to make sure I don’t trip into a divot or hole, I take my eye off my normal pathway. I focus back to the tree line and notice the figure no longer stands where I saw it last.

An eerie feeling comes to me and I realize I have nothing to help me ward away danger. I fumble in my pocket to find my keys and make artificial claws with them wrapping my fists around the key heads.

I enter the tree line without any discord. Hastening my steps, I accidentally trip over a branch in the pathway and as I lift myself off the ground, I hear dried leaves rustling behind me and the low growl of an animal. It doesn’t sound like a dog or any familiar creature within the city’s limits. It hasn’t attacked me so I muster all the energy I can and dart toward the street. I can hear the footsteps of whatever was growling catching up to me. I hear it growling again, only louder.

I scream obscenities and tell it to leave me alone and when I reach the sidewalk, I turn around to see that it was just my brother with a voice recorder. He laughed at me the rest of the way home.


Growling Creatures