Who’s Knocking at the Door?

It was a chilly, night. The fog had just started to roll in and the light beaming down from the lamp posts glowed eerily. Peeking out the window, a few staggering passerby’s could be seen shuffling quickly to get to their destinations on the street below. The TV in the background was being ignored by everyone in the room except the little boy who was sitting cross legged, affixed in front of it. He was watching a late night horror movie about vampires and witches. There was an older woman laying on the couch, reading a novel, turning the pages every fifteen minutes. Another man lay snoring on his recliner, inhale, puff, inhale, sputter, chomp, chomp…

Creaking stairs could be heard in the distance and a knock on the door proceeded  with a faint and muffled “Open up!” being whispered from behind the door. The man looking out the window turns his head and begins to raise himself off the chair he is sitting in. Another knock, harder but still gentle can be heard as the man passes through the room.

Here are a few door knocking sounds one might appreciate.

Door Knocks