Hallow’s Eve Growls in the Night

I was walking home from a friend’s house one night. It’s just a short walk through a field, some wooded area, and down a sidewalk a few meters from my parent’s house. Feeling pretty confident, I start to whistle and ponder on the events of the day. As I approach the field, I see a dark figure standing by the tree line just inside the wooded area. Thinking nothing of it, I make my way through the field. Carefully plotting my steps as to make sure I don’t trip into a divot or hole, I take my eye off my normal pathway. I focus back to the tree line and notice the figure no longer stands where I saw it last.

An eerie feeling comes to me and I realize I have nothing to help me ward away danger. I fumble in my pocket to find my keys and make artificial claws with them wrapping my fists around the key heads.

I enter the tree line without any discord. Hastening my steps, I accidentally trip over a branch in the pathway and as I lift myself off the ground, I hear dried leaves rustling behind me and the low growl of an animal. It doesn’t sound like a dog or any familiar creature within the city’s limits. It hasn’t attacked me so I muster all the energy I can and dart toward the street. I can hear the footsteps of whatever was growling catching up to me. I hear it growling again, only louder.

I scream obscenities and tell it to leave me alone and when I reach the sidewalk, I turn around to see that it was just my brother with a voice recorder. He laughed at me the rest of the way home.


Growling Creatures

My Misophonia Noise Trigger – Teeth Brushing

     I hate it. The sound of teeth being brushed. It makes me want to throw up. It’s like fingernails being scraped against a chalkboard. There has to be noise like a fan blowing or water running to drown out that horrid sound. Who cares about water conservation. I will barf on you if I have to listen to that sound.

Listening to it invokes anger in me, uncontrollable. I only hope my offspring aren’t cursed with this wretched disorder.

Brushing Teeth

With that being said, standing outside of my own existence, looking through the eyes of another person, the person who doesn’t suffer from misophonia, I am able to control my urges to scream at the person making such grotesque noises. They do not know the pain it causes me. They don’t understand how it hurts my ears, my brain, my teeth. The feeling I get when the frequency hits my ears, how can you explain that to someone who cannot comprehend the pain. A pinch on the arm is insufficient, a hunger pang just doesn’t describe. The sound resonates through my head like a beautiful song, only the song is torturing my physical body. Stressing every lobe in my brain.

The next time a Misophoniac screams at you, please be understanding. They just yet don’t know how to explain their plight.


Who’s Knocking at the Door?

It was a chilly, night. The fog had just started to roll in and the light beaming down from the lamp posts glowed eerily. Peeking out the window, a few staggering passerby’s could be seen shuffling quickly to get to their destinations on the street below. The TV in the background was being ignored by everyone in the room except the little boy who was sitting cross legged, affixed in front of it. He was watching a late night horror movie about vampires and witches. There was an older woman laying on the couch, reading a novel, turning the pages every fifteen minutes. Another man lay snoring on his recliner, inhale, puff, inhale, sputter, chomp, chomp…

Creaking stairs could be heard in the distance and a knock on the door proceeded  with a faint and muffled “Open up!” being whispered from behind the door. The man looking out the window turns his head and begins to raise himself off the chair he is sitting in. Another knock, harder but still gentle can be heard as the man passes through the room.

Here are a few door knocking sounds one might appreciate.

Door Knocks

Sounds from the Earth

There’s nothing more soothing than sounds from mother nature herself. My children cannot fall asleep unless there is some sort of white noise buzzing in their ears. The gentle yet threatening hum of each of these sounds can lull almost any baby to sleep.


Blizzard Sound Effects

Water Sound Effects


Crackling Fire Sound Effects

Explosion Sound Effect Bliss

I have several sound effects on my computer. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the sound of arsenal.

Explosion Sound Effects


Explosion Sound Effect with Debris


Jet Plane Sound Effects

I happened across a few Jet plane sound effects and wanted to share them with you.



Jet Sound 1

Jet Sound 2

Jet Sound 3